What is the SGC diet? Super Glyco Compensation

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better than steroidsThe SGC Diet I learned about it from the book Better Than Steroids by Warren Willey.

The point of this diet or nutrition plan as many would rather call it, is a strategy that incorporates the Ketogenic diet with an extreme Carb Loading diet to build as much mass as possible naturally. Without the aide of steroids, HGH, or anything that is illegal and not available over the counter.

The point of the diet is for you to enter into a ketogenic diet for 7 to 14 days and on the last day you use an extreme high carb load for up to 36 hours.

I have done it once and the result was a gain of about 4 lbs of straight up lean body mass. I must admit though that I could have done it better, I could have executed the Ketogenic diet better, and I could have done a better job on the extreme Carb Load day.

I am currently in the process of doing it again and I expect to get much better results.

If you want to follow my journey on this diet, follow me on instagram and facebook, but if you want to get the details on how to do it step by step, make sure you get the book Better than Steroids. It is by far one of the best books I ever read to develop a great bodybuilding body without the use of steroids.

One thing to note, as I am always saying, nothing is perfect, nothing is written in stone, everything has it’s pros and cons, you have to do your own reading, your experimentation, your own trial and errors!

You can always get a trainer or someone with expertise on any subject to guide you, but just know that everyone is different, everyone get’s different results, everyone reacts to different stimulus in a different way.

Be open minded and if something didn’t work for you, ask yourself why. Did you take notes to see where you failed? Did you go off course? What could you have done better? What variables can you change to get a different result?

In the end, just freaking try it.

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