What do you feel when losing weight and burning fat? Control your hunger!

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how to control hunger

One of the most common phrases I hear from people when they enter a weightloss nutrition plan is, “I’m hungy”.

Hunger is the main reason most diets fail. People go way to extreme on the calorie deficits in addition to workout routines that they can barely handle building a recipe for disaster!

This has a lot of cons, much more cons than pros, and can actually slow down your metabolism making you gain even more weight once your body crashes, and it will!

I hear a lot of gurus saying that you can keep yourself from being hungry and lose weight with their meal plans. I’m sorry but I don’t buy it.

Frank Zane, one of the most popular and best aesthetics bodybuilder to ever grace the Earth says it on his book, your body has to be hungry when you’re burning fat.

Being hungry is the body’s way of telling you it’s burning fat. It’s the way it tells you that you’re on a caloric deficit. That is just part of the equation though.

Can you offset hunger? Can your body function with less calories and is it possible to stretch your meal times by offsetting hunger? Absolutely!

This is how I go about controlling my hunger while dieting.

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When I’m on a low calorie diet I have to find a way to offset my hunger. I burn a lot of calories especially on the days when I am up at 2:30am to workout, teach 50 minute group classes from 530 to 1030 without any breaks really, then come home get another workout in, etc… and still… I have to prevent myself from eating too many calories.

When I get hungry, I do everything in my powers to stay hungry until I can’t go anymore or until it’s my time to eat. This takes discipline, determination, and of course, PRACTICE!

You are not going to be on a diet and follow it to the “T” on your first try. Maybe not the second try or third try. But every single time you try you get better, you find tricks, you learn your body.

Let me tell you a few hunger off-setting techniques that I have developed and learned from others.

On my busy days, I do just that, I keep myself busy!

I write a blog, I work on my diet for the next day, I watch a movie, I go for a walk, I go grocery shopping, anything to keep my mind off.

When you grocery shop, don’t buy everything you need for the month. Buy what you need for the next two or three days that way you can go to the store more often which will take your mind off eating for a couple hours.

Do some chores, do some work, just keep yourself busy.

When I have about an hour left before my next meal, I usually take half a BCAA scoop with 12 oz water and phyllium husk which stops my craving for about an hour until my next meal.

In the end, in order to perfect your routine, to develop good habits, you must, and I repeat, you must practice. You must go through trial and error. Just because you failed once on your diet, it does not mean it’s over. You take a little break, and you do it again.

The BCAA Scoop and the Phyllium really help me a lot.

I probably drink two or three a day. It helps with my hunger control and my digestion. Not to mention BCAA’s are good for you. I usually do half a scoop.

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