TrainerCarlos Health and Fitness Diaries | 08.16.2015

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Today I did 60 minutes of Cardio which included walking and using outside city equipment to do pullups and dips.

On dips the first time around I did 40 on the 1st set and 20 on the second set with about 30s break. That is up from last time when I did 30 and 20.

The pullups and chinups went well, I feel I am getting stronger everyday.

The outside cardio took me approximately 39 minutes to complete.

Then I did some abs for about 21 minutes.

Today is my high carb day and my free window meal.

In terms of results, my waist was half a cm smaller, my ultimate goal is 77 cm but for my next competition I want to get to at least 80cm. So far I woke up today at 82.5cm.

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