The Game Plan

  1. Know that it will take time to learn all the necessary activities to make the Fat Cycling Method effective in conjunction with the workouts.
  2. Yes you have to learn to weigh your food. On the training tools menu tab you can see what I recommend, from the scale to the straps to the belt.
  3. The main idea is to cycle between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Fat Cycling Method. My recommendations are as follow: To get lean follow a 2/2 cycle (2 weeks Phase 1/ 2 weeks Phase 2). If you want or need to put on muscle the cycle is 2/4 (2 weeks in Phase 1/ 4 weeks in Phase 2).
  4. The supplements are critical to your success. Make an attempt to get them as soon as possible. On the list I sent you, that is the minimum that I suggest you get. Anything less can significantly slow down progress as you won’t be able to perform your best during your workouts. You also limit your body’s ability to recover and maximize it’s fat burning potential.
  5. Keep me informed when you switch Phases as they determine the workouts. Just as a reminder, in Phase 1 we do most of the conditioning. We improve joint strength, maximize calorie burn, and prepare the body for Phase 2. In Phase 2, we do our strength, power, and muscle building program.
  6. Use myfitnesspal to keep track of your calorie intake and macros. If you are able to get yourself a Fitbit or any activity tracker that can be synced with myfitnesspal, DO SO! It’ll make life so much easier and it will significantly increase your chances of achieving our Game Plan.

The main idea behind the Fat Cycling Method is to make it a lifestyle. A lifestyle that will keep you lean and help you achieve any goal without extreme’s, huge rebounds, or stress.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.