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I been an entrepreneur now for five solid years. I’ve done everything! From online marketing to starting my own gym. I’ve invested thousands of dollars in education to learn the tips I give you at the bottom of this post. I’m providing you with the top opportunities that you can do both, online and from home: Below this list you can find education on what it takes to make a business succeed.

Click on any of the following opportunities to learn more:

Tai Lopez’s – The 67 ┬áSteps to get Anything you want!

The biggest tips I could ever give you is to work with the best. Learn how to walk before you run, in other words, learn how to run a business, how to succeed in a business, before you jump into a business.

Check out Tai Lopez, one of the greatest entrepreneur and business geniuses of today:

Self Publishing Business:

If you enjoy writing, publishing your own book is definitely a way to go. Nowadays, there are many avenues with which you can play with. Amazon, Createspace, and many more. I myself have self published two books in my favorite niche and passion, fitness.

FIVERR Business Opportunity:

FIVERR can be an extremely lucrative opportunity for anyone who can multitask and simplify. I use fiverr all the time to create my business cards, book covers, and poster covers. You can use fiverr for just about anything you need online. You pay $5 per job and you can upgrade for additional services, such as, provide the master file, quicker delivery, etc.

Life Coaching Certifications:

Being a life coach can be a very rewarding opportunity for those who love to inspire others. Gurus such as Tony Robbins have created an empire providing inspiration to those who seek it.

Start an office cleaning business part-time:

Do you need to clean offices to start this business? Absolutely not! You can create a nice small business hiring others to do the cleaning. You can be the manager and the CEO. If you learn the ins and outs of hiring, getting the right help, expanding, franchising, etc, you can become an extremely successful cleaning business owner. You just need the right guidance to eliminate as many errors as possible.

Medical Transportation Business “hot”:

I have a couple friends who are or retired from this business. They both make a great living, drive Maserratis, and are living it up. I would ask to join this opportunity but it’s not my passion.

Start a juicing business:

Diet and nutrition is a hot topic today. In my local city of Coral Gables, juicing companies are very popular. You have the protein juices, the post workout juices, etc. If you get creative, you can definitely thrive in this area. If you go to the gym, and there isn’t a juicing store anywhere near, you are missing out!

Become an event planner:

I have many friends who are even planners. Whether it’s a night out on the city, clubs, weddings, etc… many of those in the business are doing very well, and like fitness for me, they have a passion for it. If you enjoy decorating this could be an awesome opportunity for you.

Small Business Credit Business:

This opportunity is self explanatory. If you have the resources you can definitely make your money work.

There are a few things that you need to know and do to have a thriving business.

Here are the best business tips I can give you so that you know what to expect:

  1. Research the business well.
  2. See if you can thrive in a local market.
  3. Marketing is king!
  4. Get professional help and seek professional guidance.
  5. Personal development is critical for both, your own mental state of mind, and for your customers.
  6. Customer relations are your livelyhood. Treat them well!
  7. Work harder then ever like a slave for a few years so you can live the rest of your life like a king.
  8. YouTube is a magnificent weapon to grow your business, but, and a big but, start with a small investment and increase as you master the technique.
  9. Adwords is very useful but can empty your pockets very fast.
  10. Do not ever give up! Keep fighting until the end. It takes most billionaires over 10 attempts before they find their call. Of course, most of these fail attempts are due to trial and error. So follow tip #1.

Learn to network. Make friends and don’t hesitate in joining a network of entrepreneurs. Don’t be cheap and spend money on your business education. There are many products out there that teach you how to market, how to use FB Ads, how to use google Adsense and Google Adwords. It sounds like a lot of work but trust me, you can do it!

Check out this video I made five years in a gym I owned:

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