Fat Cycling Method – Sample Exercise and Training Routines

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Beginners Workout Sample Routines – 1 Week

Here are a few tips as to how to approach lifting. If you’ve never lifted before please do as much homework as possible so that you have an idea as to what each workout is. You can search on YouTube for instructions. I suggest you start light testing out your strength and see how much weight you can push. As you get more comfortable increase the weight so you can get stronger. Hiring a personal trainer can be very beneficial and I’d suggest using them until you feel comfortable going on your own. Personal trainers can also help you push your limits and find your max lifts.

SS = SuperSet

On days off you can do HIIT Cardio or an active easy going cardio such as a leisure walk. If you decide to go for a jog or do some type of low intensity cardio where you are using low to moderate effort, do not exceed 30 minutes.

Day 1 (Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps):

Chest Press or Fly SS Lateral Raises x 4 sets

Incline Chest Press of Fly SS Standing Shoulder Press x 4 sets

Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extensions SS Front Shoulder Raise x 4 sets

Upright Rows SS Bent Over Rear Delt Flyes  x 4 sets

Day 2 (Back, biceps, and traps):

Pullups (Assisted or Non-Assisted) SS Dips x 4 sets

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns SS Standard Bicep Curls x 4 sets

Straight Arm Pulldowns SS Hammer Curls x 4 sets

Single Arm Dumbell Rows x 4 sets

Dumbbell Shrugs x 4 sets

Day 3 (Legs – “Quads”):

Squats  x 4 sets

Romanian Deadlifts x 4 sets

Leg Extensions x 4 sets

Adduction Machine x 4 sets

Day 4:


Day 5 (Calves, Hamstrings, and Glutes):

Standing Calf Raises x  4 sets

Leg Press x 4 sets

Hamstring Curls SS Dumbbell Straight Leg Deadlifts x 4 sets

Butt Blaster or Abductor Machine x 4 sets

Back extensions x 4 sets

Day 6 (Full Body):

Chest press or flye to DB kickbacks x 3

Seated rows SS Barbell Curls x 3

Barbell Shoulder Presses  x 3

Barbell Squats x 3

Crunches – 25 reps x 3 sets

Romanian Twists – 25 reps double count x 3

Knee Tucks – 15 reps x 3

Day 7:



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