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Polar FT7 vs. Timex IronMan Classic 100:

polar ft7 review timex-ironman-classic

Are you looking for a heart rate monitor watch that presents accurate results?

Welcome to my polar watch review and let me introduce to you the “Polar FT7” which is my heart rate calorie watch of choice.

Why do you need a Polar heart rate monitor watch?

A heart rate monitor watch enables you to preserve certain levels of strength, resistance, and intensity during a workout. You’ll constantly know whether you’re functioning extremely hard, at your peak, or if you are straight up dogging it.

Let’s say for instance that you’re going for a jog and you want to maximize your fat burn. Maximum fat burn happens at about 70 to 75 % max heart rate. The 70-75% range is a slow and steady type of cardio setting where your body makes use of fat as fuel in the highest percentage. However this does not suggest that this is the zone that actually burns the most FAT as a whole.

That is another topic which explains High Intensity Workouts vs Low Intensity Workouts.

While you’re jogging, keeping track of your HR will help you maximize your goals by showing you where you are at every moment of your session. If you are under a target heart rate then you know you can push harder, if you are at an extremely high heart rate, and feel fatigued, then you know you can slow it down but you know when you are pushing and when it’s in your mind.

How does a heart rate monitor work?

If you’re searching for a technical answer, I suggest you read the manual or visit a manufacturer’s website to find out.

From a fitness point of view, all you need to know is that the watch finds your pulse, has a built in formula to convert your pulse into beats per minute, and does the calculations necessary to tell you what percentage of your max target heart rate you’re in based on a separate set of formulas.

The watch manufacturer’s don’t create the Target Max Heart Rate Formula.

Listen, you don’t need to know or figure out so much. The key to success in fitness is to keep it simple. 70-75% Max HR is low intensity max fat burn zone, anything higher is moderate to high intensity where you use more carbs as energy but since you burn more calories per minute, your total fat calories burned at the end of your workout is higher.

You have choices when it pertains to choosing a heart rate monitor watch, yet the FT7 is simple to utilize, accurate, and priced well for it’s quality.

I personally use the FT7 and I have no problems.

I own the Black and Red FT7 and I will upload a video clip with me using it very soon. If you don’t need a heart rate monitor watch and all you really care about is having a timer and a stop watch, checkout the Ironman Series.

Buy the FT7 by clicking here.

Click here to see my Ironman preferred choice.

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