How to measure bodyfat using skinfold calipers

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Please check out my book on how to contest prep for full details about how and why to use this method:

How to measure bodyfat using calipers live with Nature’s Juicehead:

As I mention in my book, using a caliper is not an exact science. There are other tests out there that will give you much more accurate results. I teach this method because #1 it’s cheap. You just need to purchase a skinfold caliper tool.

Slim Guide Skinfold Calipers:

The main purpose of using a skinfold caliper test to measure your body fat is for guidance and milestone purposes.

My recommendation is to do both, the measurements, and photo progress pictures so that you can compare them both later on. The pictures will show you what you look like with those measurements on that date. If you take measurements and pictures on a future date, you’d then see what you look like at that point. If you’re a competitor, you can analyze those results and see how far off you are from your ideal conditioning stage.

I would aim to measure 5 millimeter (mm) or under on all skinfold measurements. If you are a do it yourselfer, the areas to measure that I recommend are bicep, tricep, chest, mid-axillary, abdominal, supriliac, kidney, thigh, and calf. If you have someone to help you, measure your subscapular. Always measure on the right side.

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