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microfiber dust mop slippers

Purchase this blue pair here.

The other day, I saw my brother’s gf wearing these mop slippers and I thought what a cool idea it was. With that said, I love to review just about everything I buy and so came about this review.

Not only did they look cool, but they look comfortable and virtually will keep your floors clean.

So I bought two pairs, actually, I bought a pair for me, click here to buy from amazon, and a set of 4 with 4 different colorsĀ from Amazon, click here to get the pair of 4.

mop slippers

Purchase the 4-pack here.

You can see the pictures of me wearing the blue ones that I bought for me and you can see the set of 4 with 4 different colors I purchased for my family.

Let me tell you, all my guesses were confirmed.

They look cool, they fit perfect and are the most comfortable mop slippers I ever worn.

Actually, they are the most comfortable slippers in general that I ever worn, for walking around the house of course.

Microfiber Dust Mop Slippers Review Video by Nature’s Juicehead:

I am not saying so you can buy it, I’m saying it because I mean it. The microfiber makes them soft, they are light, and they fit perfect, at least for my feet they did.

All my family members say the same and I should put a picture of all of them wearing them. It’s very cool above all because again, it helps keep the house clean.

I’m a size 8.5 shoes and I believe the ones I bought are for size 9 to 11…. and they fit absolutely perfect.

Don’t take my word for it, buy them for yourself and then you can come back and call me a blatant liar. But I’m not lying… so there. Click on the links above and get them now. =D

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