Keys to Getting in Shape – Fat Burn and Muscle Building

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What does it take to get lean and build muscle?

What does it take to achieve the body and fitness level of your dreams?

The key to getting into the best shape of your life requires only a few ingredients. It isn’t as complicated as many make it out to be. I don’t want to get to intricate so I’ll make it as simple as possible. There are two parts to getting into the best shape of your life. There are the basic physiological factors (67%: nutritional and strength training) and there are the personal spiritual mind over matter factors (33%).

Physiological Factors compose 67% of a successful fitness lifestyle:

Nutrition is 33.5% of the problem. It isn’t 10%, 15%, or whatever percentage all these gurus make it out to be.

If you don’t have your nutrition on point, your body doesn’t adapt or do what it’s supposed to do. Repair muscle, strengthen muscles and joints, produce adequate amounts of hormones, etc. If you search online, there are hundreds and possibly thousands of theories and methods to get results. Whether it’s to lose weight, burn fat, or build muscle, nutrition plays a huge role. One thing I want to mention and emphasize, there is a huge difference between losing weight and burning fat. You can lose weight by losing muscle which is for the most part counterproductive. Burning fat is more consistent with getting lean and shredded. In my book, The Fat Cycling Method, I give you all the reasoning you can ever need as to why certain manipulation of macros work. I give you diet samples to follow and I even provide you with my nutritional routine.

Strength training is the other 33.5% of the equation.

If you don’t understand what different amounts of sets, reps, volume, etc. if you don’t understand what they do to your body, again, just like nutrition, you will not have any success. There is a proper way to build muscle and a proper way to get lean. Depending on your nutrition, there are certain times when you want to eat carbs and certain times when you want to eat fats. With that said, depending on when you eat carbs and when you eat fats, there are times when you should be lifting heavy and when you should be performing high reps. There are times when you should be doing cardio and times when it’s better to just simply avoid it or keep it at a minimum. I explain all this in my book.

Personal spiritual mind over matter factors (33%):

It may not sound important at all but your will and determination make up the remaining 33% of the equation. If you don’t set your mind to accomplish any specific goal, it’ll be nearly impossible to do what it takes to have success. You can have excuses or you can results, but you can’t have them both! If you don’t take the time to do your homework, to research, and understand what you’re doing, then you’ll be prone to making a ton of mistakes. Mistakes discourage you especially when you dedicate a great deal of time and money. I have done most of the research and experimenting for you and I share it all with you on my book. 20 years of research, trial, and error.

You must commit yourself 100% to making it happen no matter what. Remember, there is no such thing as mistakes. There is only experiences. You learn how to do things and how not to do things. If something doesn’t work, then you try another strategy, make some modifications, and you try again. Get some help, ask for advice, hire coaching, hire a trainer, but above everything, never give up!

There is no substitution for hard work!

That goes for everything in life. Now that you know the 3 main factors, it’s up to you to go out and make it happen. Do your homework, get all the information you need, hire help if you need it, but above all, GET STARTED NOW!

Step 1, learn and set up your nutrition plan for the next 12-16 weeks. Step 2, learn what type of training will help you get the most out of your program. Whether you’re trying to build muscle or get lean, find out how to go about it. Step 3, find motivational social media accounts, read inspiration books and watch inspiration videos. They all are important. I believe you and you will accomplish your goals.


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