Fat Cycling Method Phase 1 – Ketogenic Keto Diet Sample

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Phase 1 Ketogenic Diet Food recommendations (see below for product recommendation links):

Foods you can eat:

Avocados, eggs, bacon ,ground beef, ground turkey, mixed nuts (macadamias are best), coconut oil (cooking and protein shakes), peanut butter, almond butter, low carb keto friendly brownies, atkins bars and snacks, cheese, salads (take carb repel), mayo (normal and avocado)


The keto friendly brownie brings a recipe and is extremely keto friendly with tons of fiber! Click here to purchase from Amazon.

You can also have an Atkins bar which is extremely keto friendly. It’s actually perfect. Click here to purchase from Amazon.

So for a snack you can either or.

Click here for other keto friendly snacks and add-ons you can purchase on amazon:




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