Ketogenic dieting vs low carb diets

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What’s the main difference between a ketogenic diet and a low carb diet?

For the most part, when it comes to dieting, their difference relies mostly in the macro amounts. In the most simple explainable way possible, a ketogenic diet consists of macros abundant in fats. In otherwords, fat is the dominant macro making up over 60% of the calories consumed. Protein is the next highest in the macro content taking up over 25% of the calories. Carbs should be as low as possible being kept at under 5% of the daily calories if possible.

A low carb diet pretty much means eating as little carbohydrates, aka sugars, as possible. How low? That all depends on how much you can tolerate and what your ultimate goal is. A low carb diet typically comes from carb cycling which is a popular method of losing weight.

Which is more effective for losing weight?

To be fair, both, a keto diet and a low carb diet are both effective when it comes to losing weight. Per my experience and expertise on the subject, it all boils down to your calorie deficit. The higher your daily calorie deficit, the higher the pounds lost amount will be.

What is the difference between both diets?

Both diets in all truths are low carbs. The difference is the ratio of fats consumed. With a ketogenic diet, you are eating a lot more fats then protein. With keto, you have the ability to eat more food since you are replacing your energy source with ketones.

In a low carb diet, traditionally, you are eating protein and vegetables a few times a day. Because you can only eat so much protein and vegetables, people generally have huge caloric deficits and experience extreme weight loss. As great as this sounds, there are cons.

Pros and cons between a keto and low carb plan?

Keto enhances your bodies fat burning capabilities. It also muscle sparing which means the ketones enable you to preserve muscle even while on a caloric deficit. A low carb diet is tough to follow since the calories are very low and eating fish or chicken and vegetables 6 times a day is tough. Many athlete’s such as bodybuilders lose considerable muscle mass when going on this type of diet. In other words, it is not muscle sparing.

Which plan do I recommend?

If you are trying to get lean while preserving your lean muscle mass, a keto diet is my plan of choice. Instead of carb cyycling, I use a method, that I developed, called The Fat Cycling Method. I take the best of all worlds, low carb, high fat, low fat, high protein, and I used them all strategically to maximize fat burning and muscle preserving capabilities.

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