Ketogenic Dieting for Weight Loss

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Ketogenic Dieting for Weight loss and Fat Burn:

Dieting or nutritional planning is a tricky thing. The bottom line is that most people do not need any crazy diet to lose weight, to burn fat, and to stay healthy and fit.

Some people though, especially competitive athletes such as bodybuilders, marathon runners, sprinters, etc…. need special diets to help them achieve specific goals.

Marathon runners use carb loading to help them fill their muscles with as much glycogen as possible that they can use during long runs.

Bodybuilders use carb cycling and ketogenic dieting to lower their body fat to levels that are in general healthy to live off, but needed in order to compete on stage.

So what is a ketogenic diet?

The most simple answer is that a ketogenic diet requires an individual to eliminate all carbs from their daily intake in order for the body to create keytones for the body to function and thus fat is used as energy.

The point of the diet is to consume as much fat as possible, adequate amounts of protein, and as little as possible carbs, generally under 5% of daily intake.

The ketogenic diet is great to reduce body fat to extreme levels but can also be used for a quick fat loss remedy in case of emergencies.

This diet though is not recommended for long term as it can cause ketoacidosis and create a host of problems for the body.

It is a tool that should be used responsibly and never abused.

For a customized diet to meet your needs, email me at [email protected] and for a small fee I will design a diet to satisfy your needs.

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