Fat Cycling Method Phase 1 – Keto Nutrition Vegan Sample

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This is an example of a Keto Nutrition Plan I prepared for my vegan clients. It was designed for a female client that weighs around 145 pounds. See my sample nutritional calculation sheet to calculate your calories and macros for this phase.

If you need to reduce calories just modify the servings that I have provided. For example, you can eat two large eggs instead of 3. If you need to increase your calories you can eat 4 eggs.

Read my book, the Fat Cycling Method for more details and explanations. At the bottom of this page I have provided a list of the supplements I consume during this phase.


Supplements Guide to be used in Phase 1:

In Phase 1 of the Fat Cycling Method I take:

  • PreJym and PostJym Matrix – Before and After Workout Respectively.
  • Pro-Jym and Gold Standard Whey Protein – Typically I take these with my preworkout shake and my post workout shake.
  • R-ALA – With my Post Workout Shake which includes Post Jym Matrix
  • Omega Jym and Natrol CLA
  • VitaJym
  • ZMA Jym

Visit my recommend supplements page to purchase.

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