Intermittent Fasting Strategy

How I intermittent Fast:

Because of how lean and heavy I am, I don’t do the 100% intermittent fast. 100% intermittent fast is a diet strategy where you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours. For example, if you start eating at 12pm, your eating window will last until 8pm. From 8pm until 12pm the next day, you fast. It’s that simple.

During your 8 hour window, you can have as many meals as you want. I typically have 2 meals and one snack. The biggest challenge is to make it to the 8 hour window. After that, meals are so big that they’ll easily carry you into your second or third meal. I would suggest to program your fasting window around sleep and whatever time you’re most busy such as when you work. I workout on an empty stomach for the most part. Working out keeps my mind busy instead of thinking about food and gives me a sense of determination while I’m working out, and a sense of accomplishment once I finish and finally get to eat.

All Supplements are from dotFit unless I provide a link or specifically give you a brand. To order your dotFit Supplements, Click here. Make sure you choose UFC Gym Kendall and Carlos Hurtado as your coach if it asks you to provide that information.

Nature’s Juicehead Daily Intermittent Fasting Routine:

Sleep – 11:00PM – 5:30AM


1 ounce Braggs apple cider mixed (buy with this link: )with half scoop of dot-FIT-Aminoboostxxl, and 6-oz of hot water. I also take one serving of my fat burner (dotFIT ThermAccel or Shred Jym GNC) at this time and one serving of dot-FIT-advance brain health.

After this morning ritual, starting about half an hour to an hour later, sip on dot-FIT-AminoBoostXXL, one scoop, and water until about 10:30am.

10:30AM (If you could skip this and wait until after your workout to start your eating window, that’d be best. Once you reach your desired bodyfat level you can eat up to a few hours before your window starts. Essentially, you’ll have a 10/14 intermittent fast. Which means you eat for 10 hours and you fast for 14.)

Phase 1: Here are some Keto Snack and Drink Ideas.

Phase 2: You’re looking for low fat (under 6 grams of fat) per serving high carb options here. Lenny and Larry’s Protein Cookies (Snickerdoodle my favorite: is a go to snack for me as well.


Pre-workout: 1 scoop of dot-FIT-NO7, 1 scoop of dot-FIT-AminoBoostXXL, 1 serving of dot-FIT-WorkoutExtreme, and first serving of dot-FIT-CreatineXXL.

1pm – 2:30pm



Post workout: 1 scoop of dot-FIT-NO7, 1 scoop of dot-FIT-AminoBoostXXL, second serving of dot-FIT-CreatineXXL, and second serving of fat burner.

I also take my daily non-workout supplements before I eat my first meal.

These include: dotFit SuperOmega, CLA, dot-FIT-Multi-vitamin (ActiveMV), dotFIT-ultraprobiotic, and digestive enzymes. (See my supps guide for links to purchase)

Phase 1: dot-FIT-CarbRepel.

Click here for sample Phase 1  Meal Plan

Phase 2: dotFit-LiverSupport, Cinsulin, Berberine, and Glucomannan (see supps guide for purchase links).

Click here for sample Phase 2 Meal Plan


Eat first meal. (Depends what Phase you’re on.)

4:00PM -7:00PM

Sip on 1 scoop of dot-FIT-AminoBoostXXL.


Phase 1:dot-FIT- Probiotic, Digestive Enzymes, and dot-FIT-CarbRepel if I know I am consuming over 30grams of sugar.

Phase 2: dot-FIT-Probiotic, Digestive Enzymes, dot-FIT-LiverSupport, Cinsulin, Berberine, and Glucomannan.


Second Meal.

10:45ish PM

1 serving of ZMA (Purchase ZMAJym from GNC).

100% Intermittent Fasting Conclusion and Tips:

I ain’t hard! It’s only hard if you don’t have desire or discipline. Ideally, you should avoid the amino acids during your fasting window. Coffee and green tea, without any sugar are okay. I take amino acids because I’m already lean! Very lean!

When I wasn’t lean, I executed the 100% Intermittent Fast to the T. Plenty of black coffee.

A Sixpack Innovator Lunchbag, from dotFIT will help you keep everything in order. The supplement tray has up to 9 slots for you to put all your pills and capsules.