NPC Physique Competition Tips for Beginners 2015

December 28, 2014 at 9:40 pm

NPC stands for National Physique Committee. Over the last few years the competition has grown massively becoming as big as Bodybuilding and celebrating it’s first two Mr.Olympia competitions in Las Vegas. Physique is not the same as bodybuilding. Even though you are required to be in great shape in both, the requirements for winning are different. Physique Versus Bodybuilding There is a difference between being a physique competitor and a bodybuilding competitor. In physique competitions mass is not the #1 factor for being competitive and winning competitions. Do you need some mass? Absolutely, but the amount between physique and bodybuilding is day and night. In physique competition judges are typically looking for an lean and athletically looking body. This is not to say that bodybuilders don’t look athletic, obviously they are, but it also obvious a Bodybuilder won’t be able to move as fluid as a physique competitor. Bodybuilders are […]

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