How to make Cardio fun and not boring

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It’s a common thing to see people saying that cardio is boring. People in general hate to do cardio and simply want to lift weights even though most do it wrong anyways. But that’s a whole other topic.

I on the other hand, used to hate doing cardio, until I found ways to make the time go by fast. I now actually enjoy doing cardio especially when I see the results it yields on my body.

So how do you make cardio fun?

Whether I’m on a treadmill, an elliptical, or a bike, I try to separate the intensity into 3 different levels. Let’s say for example I plan on doing 30 minutes of cardio or even 40 minutes. I do 5 minute intervals of three intensities.

The first interval is a medium intensity where I work but it’s not extremely demanding.

I do this usually for two minutes and then I raise either the incline or resistance or speed. So from the 2nd minute to the third or third and a half, I make sure it’s tough high intensity effort. By the time the minute goes by or minute and a half, I am out of breath. Then I take anywhere from a minute to a minute and half to recover.

That right there is a five minute interval and I repeat this 6 to 8 times.

If I go outside to run, I speed walk for about 10 minutes and then I jog for 10 minutes. I do this twice and that right there is 40 minutes of cardio. You can also do it in five minute intervals.

Ok, so let me give you an example of what I’d do on a day I use the treadmill:

I’ll start an incline 10 and a speed of 3.5 miles per hour for two minutes.

From minute 2 to minute 3:30 I maintain the incline and I increase speed to 5.0 miles per hour.

Then I recover keeping the same incline, going back to 3.5 mph, and during my recovery I hold on to the treadmill leaning back to level out the incline. When you hold on and lean back a little the effect is that of basically an incline of 0.

Then I repeat for as many intervals as I wish to do.

Before I know it my 30 minutes are gone.

Please note that at 5mph you will jog. You do not have to go this high. You can go up to 4.0 miles per hour and just speed walk. Especially if you have bad knees or are extremely overweight, obese, or just out of shape.

I hope this helps and makes your cardio more enjoyable.

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