How to cut weight for MMA – Tips on cutting weight

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How would I go about cutting weight if I was an MMA fighter?

These are my tips from a Certified Trainer and Bodybuilding competitor’s point of view.

Step. 1 – I would choose to fight depending on my current bodyfat.

Which method you use to know your bodyfat is up to you, but just make sure that you are consistent with it. My favorite way it to use calipers as it’s easy, you can do it as many times as you want, and I believe using my technique, with my formula, is pretty accurate and simple to keep track of.

Your body fat will tell you how much lean mass you have. If you multiply your lean mass by 1.06 it’ll give you your bodyweight with 6% bodyfat. I believe at 6% body fat and well hydrated, your body will be in optimal conditions to perform. You’ll also be extremely lean and I wouldn’t suggest going any lower than this because it’ll be too stressful and can affect your performance.

Example: If you are currently weighing 200lbs, and your body fat is 20%, it means that you are carrying 40 pounds of fat. This means that you currently have 160 pounds of lean mass. This means that if you were to strip all the fat from your body without losing any muscle, the lowest bodyweight you can achieve at 0% bodyfat is 160 pounds. If you multiply 160 x 1.06, you get 169.6, which means that on the day of the weighin, assuming you maintained all your muscle or didn’t grow any more muscle, you’ll be weighing at 169.6 pounds.

Conclusion: Find what division you compete at, subtract fives pounds, and multiply the final number by 1.06, and this is the weight that you should be striving to achieve 3-4 weeks out from stepping on stage so that you can train in peace, stay healthy, and avoid injuries.

Ex. Featherweight – 145 pounds – 145-5 = 140 x 1.06 = 148.4 pounds.

I would try to get myself to 148.4 pounds one week from weighin in.

Step 2: Nutrition planning for MMA:

From my personal experience, I would not approach nutrition planning and training any different then from bodybuilding. In my book, The Fat Cycling Method, I show you how to use a ketogenic diet and high carb diet synergistically to achieve your desired body composition without extreme calorie deficits and insane amounts of cardio.

Remember, extreme dieting and extreme training is where injuries happen. Avoid injuries because time wasted is money wasted.

In my book, I show you how to create a high fat diet in order to turn on your body’s fat burning capabilities. During this phase I’d recommend more endurance cardio training and less strength training. I would do more sparring, more running, more explosive work, and just focus on a high calorie deficit through training not caloric deficit.

During the carbing up phase, I’d focus more on strength training, I’d probably do less endurance type of cardio, and more explosive type of training. I would work on explosive movement and basically exercises that would tire me out quickly.

If I was on the heavier set and need to really cut weight, I’d go back to the high fat diet more endurance type cardio more often then the time spent on the high carb strength training phase. If I wanted to build more muscle, improve strength, and explosiveness, I’d spend more time in the high carb phase.

Example: And you’d have to read my nutrition book, The Fat Cycling Method to Understand…

To cut weight because you’re too big (fat or muscular):

Phase 1: 2 weeks

Phase 2: 1 week

Phase 3: 2 weeks and then back to Phase 1

If you need to get stronger, put on size, and get more explosive:

Phase 1: 1 week

Phase 2: 1 week

Phase 3: 4 weeks and then back to Phase 1

Follow these tips and I am sure you’ll be on top of your game every single time. Your cutting will be easy, enjoyable, and you’ll perform optimally.

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