How to be Mentally Strong and Push Through Your Limits

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Being mentally strong is the key to success when attempting something great.

Just like the muscles in your arms and legs…

your brain, your mind, your spirit can also be trained to be stronger.

So I was walking with my mom because she is officially 100% committed to her fitness and health. She was telling me that she was sore from the exercises that I had given her. I let her know that she’s lucky because she has no idea how sore I was.

So she goes on to tell me that I am used to the pain…

But me, being a smart ass, go on to tell her that it’s not that I’m used to the pain, it’s more that I have trained my mind to overcome the pain and keep going even when my body says, no more!

It’s not easy to wake up at 230am, get a nice full workout in, then go teach group fitness classes for five hours straight, and then come back to a 90 minute workout in an attempt to become a pro bodybuilder.

That is basically what my daily routine looks like except Tuesday’s and Thursday’s when I get a little more sleep.

If you want major results, you can’t give up when you’re tired. You can’t make excuses when your body is aching. You can’t quit when you have a setback.

I didn’t figure out how to push through by miracle. I wasn’t born with the determination and perseverance to achieve my goals not mattering what it takes.

I learned all that.

I learned how to eat properly through trial and error. I read just about everything that I can get my hands on. I attend seminars about my interest every chance I get. I go many nights without sleep in order to get work done.

When you want something as bad as you want to breathe, you will find a way!

When you don’t you will make excuses.

Do I have days when I say, Ok, I am skipping my workout? Or…

Ok… I am going to eat a doughnut, or two, or three, or a freaking box?


And I give my body and mind what it wants. But the next weeks, and sometimes months, I pay for it.

I have learned to treat life as a series of rewards for great efforts.

Every treat, every break, every box of doughnuts or box of ice cream, has to be preceded by some great accomplishment. It can be a couple weeks or a couple months of hard work, or a new level of effort that I hadn’t reached before.

You can’t treat yourself for what you don’t deserve.

So anyways, watch this video where I discuss overcoming pain. I hope it inspires you and I hope it enables you to go out and start earning your rewards instead of just indulging. =D

Video – Overcoming pain, aches, and being mentally strong:

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