Great Day by meeting nutrition and workout goals | 7.28.2015

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I woke up today around 9am, maybe a little later, and started on my SGC Diet Routine. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my wake up late days so that my body can recover from the other days.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are my wake up between 230 and 4am in order to get a workout in when I feel okay for it, and get my breakfast and create workouts for my clients at Red Zone Fitness. I usually get to the gym around 5am to set up and are my long long days.

It’s hard for me to stay low calorie on these days as I’m up from 230am to about 10pm. Not to mention I usually don’t get much sleep since I teach classes at 630 and 730 on Tuesday Thursdays so I don’t go to bed until about 10pm. But since I do sleep in, Tuesdays and Thursdays are easy for me to keep my calories low, even Sundays.

Anyways, I been reading this great book by Frank Zane and it was nothing of what I expected. He tells you and gives you workouts every day for basically an entire year. He also goes back in time and gives tips and advice on his diary. He shares his thoughts, his ideas, and his feelings. It is super cool.

Frank Zane The Workouts Personal Training Diaries

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The book is called The Workouts – Personal Training Diaries.

I spent most of the night reading it and I learned a whole lot from it. Things that I would never imagine. It’s also a great experience to get to know Frank Zane in his times of vulnerability, his time’s of let downs, downfalls, and successes.

I’ll be writing a review on the book pretty soon… if you want to buy it, click on the image to the left.

Anyways, in addition to being motivated by Frank Zane, I also got an awesome shoulder workout.

I had designed for my Tuesdays and Thursdays to be two workouts days, do a type of split training, but seeing how I need rest, and under this SGC diet, I have decided to train 6 days a week instead of 5.

I feel strong, I feel motivated, and I am seeing results in my approach. I did the SGC diet not too long ago and even though I believe it was a success, this time around I have established myself to do it even better.

What we need to understand is that you will never get it perfect the first time around. We have to fail to succeed, and failure in itself creates success. The problem with many people is that they never get started. They wait and wait and wait until they think they have it all, but then, in actuality, things don’t always go as planned. This is especially true in fitness.

Your body won’t always feel great regardless how great your diet is, how much rest you had, or how much time you’ve had off or haven’t. Some days you may expect to be bed ridden and you feel better then ever. Such is the case this week so far.

Anyways, I took my pictures today for the Bodybuillding-com Next Level Contest, which I do it just for fun to keep motivated, to keep me working towards something. That’s something that I like to do, I like to do events, contests, etc that keep me busy and keep me pushing towards something.

I feel my life very well balanced, I feel great spiritually, physically, and just overall. I know I have things to work on, but like I said, everyday you have to decide that you’re going to get better. That you’re going to be a better person. Put all the negativity aside and just push forward.

Stay positive and positive things will happen. Make sure you follow me on instagram and if you want to post a comment, do it on the facebook or instagram page. Alright, time for me to get ready for work and relax a little bit. Have a great day!

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