Go the Extra Mile to Boost Success

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It is my belief that those who go the extra mile or go a few extra steps always have a better life.

Whether it’s running an extra few blocks, doing an extra few minutes of cardio, parking on the further end of the parking lot and walking a few more steps, staying up a few extra minutes to finish a homework or career deadline, etc…

It doesn’t matter where in life you apply going the extra mile, those who do usually end up getting the better end of the stick.

I like to do a little extra on everything I do. At my job, I like to get to work a little extra early. I also like to leave a little extra later to answer client questions. I like to stay up a little later writing articles and doing videos to address common issues, misconceptions, or to simply give my clients more of me.

I don’t do it because I’m expecting a reward, I do it because it’s in me to just to give more. And I must say that I have a truly awesome life.

When I leave extra early for work, traffic doesn’t upset me. I go at my pace, I drink my coffee, I get to work early, I relax, I have a little more time to think and adjust, it’s extremely stress free.

When I workout, I push a little harder. I may run a little further, a little longer, I may do a few extra exercises, sets, reps… Some days I eat a little less so that another day I can eat a little more. I tend to skip more meals than add more meals, but I do have days when I eat way more. I am human and I am guilty as charged. But the satisfaction on my soul on those days is irreplaceable.

I live in a state of balance. I do more of the good stuff, of the harder stuff, and less of the bad stuff, the easy stuff.

I park on the empty parking space of parking lots so I can walk a little further. I do everything slow unless I’m working out or I specifically want to do something fast and intense.

I don’t stress things I can’t control.

The other day, a tree fell on my car. I didn’t overreact, I simply sighed, and figured out what the best course of action was. Should I sue the city for their complete negligence, should I move the car, what do I do?

The branch was heavy, and it was about to break. If it broke, it would of landed on top of my car, most likely destroy the windshield and the roof, it would of caused considerable damage, and I had to think as was it worth it?

In the end, I said no, I’ll take my scratches and live with it. So I moved it, I put a little sweat into it, and I got my car out. I don’t need the stress of taking action against the city, for a small claim that will present me no reward really, and my intention is to just use the pictures I took to let them know what a bad job they are doing of maintaining their property.

Stress free!

Things happen in life.

Unfortunate things happen, but it is how you view them that will determine whether it’s stressful or just no sweat. Don’t sweat the small stuff my friend.

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