Frank Zane’s Get Great Abs Book Review by TrainerCarlos

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frank zane get great absBefore I tell you why you HAVE to get this book, let me tell you who Frank Zane is.

Frank Zane is one of the greatest bodybuilders from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding that has ever lived. He is up there with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler… he is widely considered to have the best physique of all times.

He is probably the lightest bodybuilder to ever win the Mr. Olympia tittle, and he won it 3 times. He had chiseled abs, wide shoulders, he was shredded, and had everything a bodybuilder should have, in a great and magnificent way.

If you had to learn how to develop a great set of abs, who else do you want to learn from than from the man that had the best midsection of all time?

Let me tell you something, I’ve been training for quite a few years, I been writing programs, creating diets, developing formulas and strategies, trying different diets, etc… and I am always learning.

It doesn’t matter how much you know, there is always something that you can take away from somebody else. You may know 99% of everything someone else says in their book, but there may be one thing, one sentence, one strategy that you did not know of or take into consideration.

That is exactly what happened when I read this book. When I think about it, it makes complete sense I just failed to stop, and think a little with everything else that is going around me.

This book is excellent for those of you who want to have a competitive lean small waist. It is great for bodybuilders and physique competitors. I love the detail, I love the simpleness, and all in all it is effective.

It is my intention to use the strategies in this book a long with everything else I know to completely re-vamp my physique starting with my midsection.

Frank Zane is a master, he is a legend, and thus, why not use what a legend has provided to us mere mortals.

Get this book, get it now, and make sure you check out the other books I recommend if you are serious about changing your body and your life.

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