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Frank Zane The Workouts Personal Training Diaries

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I wrote another review about Frank Zane’s book “Get Great Abs”, which I am personally adding the routines provided into my training.

This book, The Workouts Personal Training Diaries, is about the workouts as done by Frank Zane.

Not only does he he share in depth knowledge, advice, tips, and much more, he also shares personal details about his life, his ambition, his goals, and his successes.

I am a very big fan of Frank Zane because he was one of the best of all time in a sport that I completely love, bodybuilding. He had an amazing physique, an amazing work ethic, and had the same ambitions and drive that I have.

As I read his diary, it’s almost like looking into my life.

It’s amazing how quickly your perception and your view of someone changes when you read something personal about them. I had no idea about the things Frank shares in this book, and now I not only see him as a bodybuilding idol, I see him as a human being.

Many people just look at Frank Zane, he great bodybuilder with chiseled abs, the best posing routines of all time, but not many know the man.

If you want to know who Frank Zane is, how he functions, what he goes through, his inner demons, just everything about him, this is the book you need to read.

If you are an aspiring bodybuilder or physique competitor, not only do you get to know one of the greatest of all time, in the golden era of bodybuilding, but you support a man that deserves our support.

So make sure you buy this book and let’s help people know who Frank Zane is as a man.

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