Fitness and Dieting Progress through 08.03.2015

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Alright, all I can say is that everyday that goes by I get more motivated as if that’s even possible.

Either that or every time I see progress I get refreshed.

URS Urinalysis Strips For Ketone

URS Urinalysis Strips For Ketone 08.03.2015

My ketogenic diet has been more on point then ever before. My waist has progressively gotten smaller and this morning I woke up heavier.

I have no idea why, I’m hoping it was a little increase in lean body mass from the extremely heavy lifting I did yesterday, mostly around my legs.

It may be water retention or just food still not digested and released. But this is the beauty of keeping track.

The weekly and monthly results are usually what count, don’t panic because of a tiny setback which may not mean anything.

My last update I believe was day 04 of my ketosis diet, today I’m on day 8. Six more days before the end to my SGC diet completion.

Regardless, I feel like I look a little tighter and leaner in the mirror. In the end, that’s what matters, what you look like to the judges when it comes to competition.

I have a few subjects I want to talk about so I’ll list them and then I’ll talk about them in order.

CoQ10 - Co-Enzyme Q10

CoQ10 – Co-Enzyme Q10

1. CoQ10 – Co-Enzyme Q10

I need to add this supplement to my list of recommended favorite supplements and add it as a must have. This supplement, and  you can research more about it, is a great addition to your nutrition plan as it plays a big role in your cardiovascular system.

If I read right, it also helps control good LDL cholesterol levels, it helps in the energy product of your cells, decreases high blood pressure, and overall, it’s a supplement that you need to have.

Click here to get it from amazon.

2. My second point is that of setting goals, motivating others, and getting what you want from people. Today, after watching the Paulo Coelho movie on NetFlix, he reminded me of something similiar I read on the book… Think and Grow Rich… if I’m not mistaken.

Basically, the quote is:

“when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

This is a great way to go about things. The one thing I have to mention though is that you need to go a little deeper. Let me give you an example.

30_inch_waist_goal_settingMy goal is to get my waist down to a size 30 with the measuring tape. So with that said, I won’t simply ask the universe, help me get a size 30 inch waist. If you make it that simple… the universe could use anything to help me get to that size.

It could use disease or extreme poverty through a circumstance of unfortunate events.

What I ask is for the universe to help me get to a size 30, with a healthy body, without losing my muscle, without sickness, but in an efficient, healthy, safe, and effective manner where I’ll be dieting, exercising, and doing my part to achieve that goal.

See what I mean?

If you want to read about Paulo or would like to reach Think and Grow Rich, click on the links to buy them on Amazon. For Paulo I give you link to the Alchemist where the quote is from.

Go deeper into your thoughts.

3. Getting what you want from people:

I’ve invested a lot in developing my personal development skills over the years. One of the things I learned is that to get what you want from people you have to support, acknowledge, and show them that you are truly serious about needing their help.

For example, if you want some training and diet tips from me, and I tell you, ok, go to my website, find this article, read it, it should answer your question, then that’s exactly what you should do.

If you come back to me, with the same question, and I ask you, did you read the article or book? And you tell me, no or I glanced at it, all that tells me is that you aren’t serious and why should I take any time out of my busy schedule to help you?

Now, if you come at me with, hey, I read the article, it was great, I learned about this and this, but I still have this question, now you have given me every season to go out of my way for you.

It’s a huge difference! Agreed?

4. Support your mentors and your hero’s:

This is important. I have a lot of mentors and heroes. Arnold, Frank Zane, Phil Heath, and many more. Just about everything I know about fitness and training has been because of all my heroes.

I have heroes in business, in fitness, in marketing, etc. I give them credit when I learn something new from them. I buy their products because in the end, they need to eat, and if they are taking the time to share knowledge, I think you should buy their products instead of trying to pirate anything.

Support don’t steal.

Acknowledge when you acquire valuable knowledge from someone else. People are more appreciative of honesty then of egotism.

I hope you enjoyed my diary submittal for today and please feel free to comment in facebook or instagram. =D

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