Fat Burner or No Fat Burner? Keto Update and Motivation – 07.31.2015

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One of my friends asked me today about taking a fat burner and what were my thoughts on the actual product. I don’t normally have a lot of time to get in depth about supplements and routines. But I want to explain this as easily as possible so that when you do buy certain supplements, you understand what you’re going after.

Do you need a fat burner to lose weight and get ripped as they so excessively claim?

No you don’t NEED a fat burner to get lean, to lose weight, to get ripped.

Do they help? Do they speed up the process? Yes they can but just like working out if your diet is excessive, if you don’t keep track, they do you absolutely no good.

I personally cycle my supplements including fat burners at about every month or two months. I like to use different kinds at every cycle, and I use them when I am most disciplined about my nutrition.

Why do I cycle?

The body get’s used to or adapts to just about any stimulus you present it to. If you lift the exact same weights all the time, the body gets used to it. If you take the exact same fat burners the body gets used to it. Now this is a general concept and I just like to take no chances.

So I alternate things like Fat Burners and Protein Shakes and I am pretty consistent about other things.

If I ever change anything I make sure I write it down to see the effect the change had in my body.

When people tell you that something does something, don’t take it to face value just because. Make sure that the person has actually tried the product in it’s entirety and achieved the goal they were after. Just because they product says it is scientifically and lab tested, it doesn’t mean it’s good.

I believe most of them put things on label because they don’t care to get caught. Just like the drug and prescription business, they’ll sell millions and make billions and then pay off a few million dollar lawsuits and they feel good about making their investors money.

I always say, keep it simple, don’t go extreme, start with half the dosage and work your way up to the full recommended serving, but rely mostly on what has always worked, and that is good nutrition planning and hard work.

If you want to maximize your fat burn capabilities with a fat burn, make sure you are also adding other key ingredients, such as your fish oils, your CLA’S, your L’Carnitines, and your pretty much everything I have recommended on my Fav Supps list.

Keto Update:

Today I hit one of my highest levels of keto ever. I am definitely on point and it pays off to keep track of what you’re doing. I fixed my mistakes from last time and this time you can be pretty much assured my results will be much greater than last time.

I am definitely motivated by all the new things I am adding to my routine and I can’t wait to see the end result in about another 8 days.

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