dotFit Supplement Products Timing Guide


  1. Active MV (Multivitamin) – Take first thing in the morning before breakfast or immediately after. You typically want to take this after your shot (30ml) of Apple Cider Vinegar. Take two daily.
  2. Super Omega 3 Fish Oil – Take with your first meal, which includes your MV. Take one daily. You do not have to gulp all morning supplements at once. Take with two or three chugs of water. You can also just take them immediately after your first meal. My preference is to take them first thing before I eat my first meal.

Pre-Workouts and Post Workouts:

  1. NO 7 Rage – Take this abut 30-60 minutes before your workout. Take 2 scoops, and add or decrease based on tolerance. If too strong reduce to 1 scoop. If you don’t feel any different take 2.5 scoops. For the most part 2 scoops will get the job done.
  2. AminoBoost XXL – Take half scoop to full scoop, before your workout, with your NO7 Rage. Take another half scoop, after your workout, with Muscle Defender.
  3. Recover and Build – Take 5-6 tables with your NO7 and AminoBoost XXL before your workout.
  4. Workout Extreme – Take 2 capsules before working out with your NO7, AminoBoost XXL, and Recover and Build.
  5. Muscle Defender – Take 2 scoops immediately after your workout with AminoBoost XXL.

Additional Supplements

  1. Superior Antioxidant – Take 1 capsule about 2 hours after your post workout meal.
  2. Lean Pack –┬áTake all three supplements during your first month regardless of what Phase you’re on. After the first 4 weeks, take the Carb Repel during Phase 1, the Liver Support during Phase 3, and the ThermExcel at anytime, but preferably during Phase 2 and 3.