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How to cut weight for MMA – Tips on cutting weight

December 11, 2016 at 2:55 pm

How would I go about cutting weight if I was an MMA fighter? These are my tips from a Certified Trainer and Bodybuilding competitor’s point of view. Step. 1 – I would choose to fight depending on my current bodyfat. Which method you use to know your bodyfat is up to you, but just make sure that you are consistent with it. My favorite way it to use calipers as it’s easy, you can do it as many times as you want, and I believe using my technique, with my formula, is pretty accurate and simple to keep track of. Your body fat will tell you how much lean mass you have. If you multiply your lean mass by 1.06 it’ll give you your bodyweight with 6% bodyfat. I believe at 6% body fat and well hydrated, your body will be in optimal conditions to perform. You’ll also be extremely […]

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How to cut weight – Weight Cutting Explained

December 11, 2016 at 2:23 pm

Weight cutting in MMA vs. UFC: When it comes to weighing in, MMA and Bodybuilding are no different in that you want to be lean and dry on the day you step on the scale. There is a difference though between MMA vs. Bodybuilding. In MMA, you are allowed to eat and re-hydrate immediately after weighing in. In Bodybuilding, not so. You can eat to fill up your glycogen stores but liquids are to be consumed at the very minimum to avoid subcutaceous water which takes away from your physique on stage. In MMA, physical performance is much more important than looking big and ripped. The approach to cutting weight though should be exactly the same as bodybuilding all the way until you step on stage. In bodybuilding, the maximum cut in weight occurs on peak week. This is the week where you manipulate water and sodium levels to achieve […]

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Supplements that work | TrainerCarlos’s Goes Through his Shipment

August 22, 2015 at 12:03 pm

Just received a nice batch of supplements I ordered from, and in this video I review all the supplements I ordered and a quick and simple reason on why: Here are links to videos where I discuss each of these supplements separately: Pure PF3 by Man CLA by RSP Quadra Lean by RSP Alcar by Primaforce Doctor’s best CoQ10  

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Unflavored Protein Powders – What are my recommendations?

August 17, 2015 at 2:07 pm

Here’s a biggie, I haven’t used or currently use any unflavored protein powders. I’ve found through trial and error that my flavored protein shakes are pretty good, even though I use low carb low fat shakes as much as possible. There are however, many people who want a flavorless protein shake. With that said, I reviewed a few of the protein shakes found at bodybuilding-com and I went through their description and selected three which I think are superior to the others. By superior I mean cost, rating, and all of these contain l’glutamine so that way you don’t have to go out of your way and buy l’glutamine on your own. So this is my opinion, I’ve never tasted them, and like all supplements, I suggest you try them all, one by one, until you find the one you like the best. So let’s start with my choice and […]

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What do you feel when losing weight and burning fat? Control your hunger!

August 7, 2015 at 4:45 pm

One of the most common phrases I hear from people when they enter a weightloss nutrition plan is, “I’m hungy”. Hunger is the main reason most diets fail. People go way to extreme on the calorie deficits¬†in addition to¬†workout routines that they can barely handle building a recipe for disaster! This has a lot of cons, much more cons than pros, and can actually slow down your metabolism making you gain even more weight once your body crashes, and it will! I hear a lot of gurus saying that you can keep yourself from being hungry and lose weight with their meal plans. I’m sorry but I don’t buy it. Frank Zane, one of the most popular and best aesthetics bodybuilder to ever grace the Earth says it on his book, your body has to be hungry when you’re burning fat. Being hungry is the body’s way of telling you […]

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Jym Post Matrix and Post Workout Shake Review

August 5, 2015 at 6:48 pm

For what reason do you need a pre or post workout? Let me make it simple for you. A preworkout should only be used when it is absolutely necessary. If you are sluggish, out of energy, you are a very active person and workout at the end of the day, maybe you need it as a boost in the morning, regardless, the main purpose is to give you a shock of immediate energy. When choosing a preworkout, you have to be careful on what you’re taking. Don’t be fooled by the jittery itchy feelings. That just means the pre workout added niacin for the effect, stay away from it. This is where Jym supersedes any pre and post workout. This post though is about the Jym Post Matrix shake and the Jym Post. Yes they are two different things. The Jym Post Matrix is more of an amino acid provider. […]

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ALCAR L’Carnitine Review, Purpose, and how to use it

August 5, 2015 at 6:07 pm

What is ALCAR? Technically, it’s short for Acetyl L’Carnitine. Watch this video where I discuss the reason I take ALCAR by Primaforce: Why take Acetyl L’Carnitine “ALCAR” by Primaforce As a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder, I use many supplements to enhance and maximize my fitness and bodybuilding goals. For the most part, I know the very basic of what supplements do. I am not a nutritionist, I am not a doctor, and I am not a scientist. So when it comes to explaining exactly what a supplement is in detail, I won’t get into it. I ask you to do your own research, do your own evaluations, and come up with your own conclusions. All I’m doing is sharing with you my experience with certain products and or supplements. You can take my word for it or you won’t. The fact that something works great for me, does not […]

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What do I suggest for digestion if protein shake causes problems to stomach?

July 29, 2015 at 3:53 am

Had a client ask me this and I tried to give her the best possible answer. In such little time, I went by typical experiences because her question could be coming from different angles. Digestion issues with protein shakes and other supplements can happen for several different reasons. In the most basic, protein has two different types. Whey and Casein and of course there are many other out there as well and nowadays many protein shakes have a blend of 5 plus types of protein. I guess the most basic thing to say is that we have two types, slow digesting and fast digesting, whey being fast digesting. Whey protein powder is easily digestible and quickly absorbed by the body. It shouldn’t cause you any troubles with digestion unless of course, you are lactose intolerant or have celiac disease in which case you’d look for a gluten free protein shake. […]

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What is the SGC diet? Super Glyco Compensation

July 28, 2015 at 4:25 pm

The SGC Diet I learned about it from the book Better Than Steroids by Warren Willey. The point of this diet or nutrition plan as many would rather call it, is a strategy that incorporates the Ketogenic diet with an extreme Carb Loading diet to build as much mass as possible naturally. Without the aide of steroids, HGH, or anything that is illegal and not available over the counter. The point of the diet is for you to enter into a ketogenic diet for 7 to 14 days and on the last day you use an extreme high carb load for up to 36 hours. I have done it once and the result was a gain of about 4 lbs of straight up lean body mass. I must admit though that I could have done it better, I could have executed the Ketogenic diet better, and I could have done […]

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Ketogenic Dieting for Weight Loss

July 25, 2015 at 5:24 pm

Ketogenic Dieting for Weight loss and Fat Burn: Dieting or nutritional planning is a tricky thing. The bottom line is that most people do not need any crazy diet to lose weight, to burn fat, and to stay healthy and fit. Some people though, especially competitive athletes such as bodybuilders, marathon runners, sprinters, etc…. need special diets to help them achieve specific goals. Marathon runners use carb loading to help them fill their muscles with as much glycogen as possible that they can use during long runs. Bodybuilders use carb cycling and ketogenic dieting to lower their body fat to levels that are in general healthy to live off, but needed in order to compete on stage. So what is a ketogenic diet? The most simple answer is that a ketogenic diet requires an individual to eliminate all carbs from their daily intake in order for the body to create […]

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