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better than steroids

Are steroids needed to become a professional bodybuilder?

This is an on-going debate, but there comes a level where, depending on your weight class, steroids will play a crucial role into whether you’ll be competive or not.

Back in the golden era of Bodybuilding massive size was not the most important thing in competition. Things like symmetry, hardness, dryness, vascularity, all played an important role. Though many of things still play a role today, having a massive frame is not practically a must.

You can’t have the body of a Frank Zane and expect to be competitive.

You can in physique, but definitely not in bodybuilding. And even that now is becoming dependent of prescription type supplements.

Bodybuilding has been around for quite a few decades now. As time goes by, different lifting strategies, different methods of training, different ways of eating and even synthetic ways of getting results are being developed. Now, the reason for such a need of different methods are being created is because as most of you know, not everyone is created equal.

Everyone is born with different metabolisms, different genetics, some good, some bad, and regardless of how you are born that is not to say that you can’t maximize your potential.

In the end though, there are methods of doing things that have always worked and that will always work as long as our human DNA code for the most remains that… human. Science has allowed us to understand many things that a long time ago was pure trial and error.

Science has developed ways for us to calculate how many calories we burn per day. It has come up with formulas that determine how many carbohydrates, proteins, and fats we need on a daily basis in general to live a normal and healthy life.

Technology has also now made it possible for us to just input numbers and plans are created for us. No need to do math, calculations, no need to pray that we got all the variables correct.

This however does not mean that you don’t need to understand what you are doing. If you want to truly get results you must know how things work. You must know how the body works, what is BMR, RMR, Ketosis, EPOC, etc… you need to learn to analyze your results, etc.

Let me take that back, you don’t have to know all that. You can hire an experienced reliable trainer to do all that for you, but let me tell you, the good ones aren’t that cheap.

This is where Better than Steroids comes in. This book is an amazing book that shows you the absolutely best ways to approach your specific goals. Even though this is more tailored for bodybuilders anyone that wants results can use it. Who are the biggest experts at changing their bodies in dramatic ways? Bodybuilders. So why wouldn’t you want to use the formulas and methods that bodybuilders use to get results?

I’m not telling you to find out what illegal supplements they use. I am telling you that if you take away the steroids, the HGH, and all the other prescription drugs many use, in the end, they all have a specific way to do things. They all need to burn fat and lower their body fat after the off season, they all need to know how to maximize muscle growth during the offseason, and they all pretty much follow a similar approach.

Better than Steroids shows you, step by step, and even provide you with three different programs, to tackle 3 different goals.

Honestly, this book is my go to when I want to achieve certain goals. I follow the books advice as much as possible and of course, with all the new information I have today, I tailor their plans to meet my specific needs. In the end though, anyone who just wants to learn as much as possible about a natural way to change the body, this book is a must read.

It should be part of any bodybuilder’s or physique competitor’s fitness bibles. Actually, it should be part of any serious athlete’s collection of fitness bibles.

It is a 10 out of 10 in my opinion and unless you can afford a trainer for over $50 a session, get it, digest it, and do it yourself with the guidance of Better than Steroids.

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