ALCAR L’Carnitine Review, Purpose, and how to use it

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What is ALCAR? Technically, it’s short for Acetyl L’Carnitine.

Watch this video where I discuss the reason I take ALCAR by Primaforce:

Why take Acetyl L’Carnitine “ALCAR” by Primaforce

As a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder, I use many supplements to enhance and maximize my fitness and bodybuilding goals.

For the most part, I know the very basic of what supplements do. I am not a nutritionist, I am not a doctor, and I am not a scientist. So when it comes to explaining exactly what a supplement is in detail, I won’t get into it. I ask you to do your own research, do your own evaluations, and come up with your own conclusions.

All I’m doing is sharing with you my experience with certain products and or supplements. You can take my word for it or you won’t. The fact that something works great for me, does not guarantee it will work for you.

So in the most dummied down sense of the purpose of L’Carnitine, what does it do?

L’Carnitine essentially allows your body to use fat as energy. That is about as simple as it can be explained. It is found in your body naturally, but most people are deficient of it. The recommended dose is about 500 mg per day and anything that exceeds this can result in various problems including nausea and actual vomiting. So be careful!

The recommended type of L’Carnitine in the health and fitness world is the Acetyl L’Carnitine. I use it just about everyday and the reality is I won’t go a day without it. Especially when I’m in a low carb diet maximizing fat loss by using fat as energy (ketosis).

In all honesty, you may want to actually do half the recommended dosage of any specific Acetyl L’Carnitine product because most of your pre-workouts, intra-workouts, and post workout supplements contain L’Carnitine. Just read the label and you can see how much.

How do you take the Acetyl L’Carnitine Supplement?

From the research I’ve done reading articles and googling, you take it with your meals. I think it’s the best way to take it personally, about an hour or two before your workout.

Do you really need L’Carnitine?

I think that for the average person, in a healthy weight and body fat range, you don’t need to buy Acetyl separately. You’ll get plenty of it if you take a pre and post workout. However, if you are on a low caloric diet to lose weight and reduce your body fat, I definitely recommend it.

If on average we are deficient with normal meals, imagine when we are on low caloric meals. It’s kind of the same thing as multivitamins. You definitely should take them just to be safe you are getting all your vitamins and minerals, but more importantly you should take them when on a low calorie diet.

I personally use the brand ALCAR from Amazon.

You can also buy it from the same brand, and if I’m not mistaken, they have it for buy 2 and get one free. Can’t beat that!

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